Edge Fitness Coaching

Because you want results! And, because working with a highly trained professional will help you get the MOST out of your time spent working on your health and fitness.
  • A fitness coach is a partner.
  • A fitness coach cares about you and your success.
  • A fitness coach knows and sees how all aspects of life tie together for your success (not JUST workouts).
  • A fitness coach understands we are all unique humans and thus have unique needs.
  • A fitness coach holds you accountable and helps you to improve.
  • A fitness coach works with you to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Everyone! Whether you are new to working out or a seasoned veteran, we can build a plan to help you with your goals. Additionally, Edge Fitness Coaching is a valuable asset to:
  • Improve general fitness.
  • Improve health and biomarkers.
  • Improve climbing strength and stamina.
  • Accomplish a specific goal - run your first 5K, get a pullup, climb a mountain, pick up grandkids with ease or anything else you can dream up!

Edge Fitness Coaching

With our Edge Fitness Coaching program you will meet with a highly trained professional coach help you achieve your own unique goals.

1. Meet with your fitness coach for an initial consultation to discuss goals.
2. Go through an assessment including a movement screen, body composition testing and structural balance testing. This is critical for your success; it is important to know where you are currently at so that you can be the most successful!
3. Go through a follow up meeting with your fitness coach to receive your customized program!
You will receive:
  • Movement training: how to do the workouts, practice form and learn movements.
  • A customized workout plan tailored to you.
  • Nutrition recommendations tailored to you.
  • Lifestyle recommendations tailored to you.
  • Mobility and flexibility recommendations tailored to you.
4. Follow up with your fitness coach each month.
  • Monthly meetings provide an opportunity to review the past month and receive a new plan for the upcoming month.

Cost: $100-150/month depending upon which options you choose.

Questions and scheduling? Contact us today! train@edgeworksclimbing.com

Edge Fitness Coaching PLUS

What is Edge Fitness Coaching PLUS?

Edge Fitness Coaching PLUS is the same as Edge Fitness Coaching and also includes daily or weekly sessions with your fitness coach for that added bit of motivation and drive.

What does this mean for you?
  • MORE time spent with your fitness coach.
  • Increased accountability.
  • Hone your movement training.
  • Daily and weekly check-ins on how you are doing.
  • Adjustments to your program as needed.

Cost: $280 and up depending upon which options you choose.

Questions and scheduling? Contact us today! train@edgeworksclimbing.com