Team Update: November 2016

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Team Trip To Vantage – October 22, 2016

Those team climbers who participated in at least two competitions this season got to go on a climbing trip to Frenchman’s Coulee in Vantage, WA. There was a big turnout, and everyone had a great time! Coach Josh Bennett posted lot’s of pictures to the Team Edgeworks Facebook page. Check it out!


NEW! This December/January we will distribute coupons that are good for discounted Clip and Climb passes to all our friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances. For every certificate redeemed Edgeworks will donate $10 to the team. As a bonus, on January 7, Team members will be available for a few hours (time TBD) to belay anyone who redeems their coupon during that time.

BAKE SALE! Thank you to everyone who contributed baked goods and/or your time at the bake sale during the Blacklight Bouldering competition! It was a huge success!

Blacklight Bouldering – Results

Congratulations to the following Team Edgeworks competitors who competed in the Blacklight Bouldering competition at Edgeworks Climbing on October 29, 2016:
Hal Warren 3rd
Elliott McDonald 11th
Brette Hume 2nd
Elizabeth Hume 13th
Grace Wilkerson 16th
Terah Gruber 19th
Kohle Andrews 1st
Ethan Riggle 7th
Austin Elliott 8th
Braden Adams 14th
Sophia Terrill 1st
Halle Rife 13th
Maya Loveland-Haslund 17th
Bianca Haslund 22nd
Kaj Hansen 7th
Noah Larsen 9th
Jonah Andrews 12th
Ireland Kress 5th
Kaela Cameron 7th
Reagan Kress 13th
Paisley Kress 19th
Parker Andrews 13th
Aaron Larsen 15th
Jageli Rife 16th

Full results can be found here:

Team Spotlight

Keep checking the bulletin board, Team Edgeworks Blog, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest installment of the Team Spotlight! A different team member will be highlighted every month and you never know when, or who, it will be!

Upcoming Events – November 12, 2016

Practice regionals at Climb Tacoma. Time TBD

Next PCA Meeting

November 17, 2016 6:30p in the Edgeworks lounge.