Bike Month at Edgeworks

Hey, all you cycling climbers!  Did you know that May is Bike Month?  All month there are tons of different bike related events going on around the city to encourage and educate cyclists in our fine city.  Here at Edgeworks, we love seeing our bike rack full, and many of our employees enjoy hopping on two wheels to get around as well.  Bike Month is all about increasing awareness of bicyclists on our roads, teaching cyclists how to ride safely, educating motorists on how to drive alongside those of us on bikes, and just getting excited about biking!  We wanted to participate in some way, so for Bike month we’ve got a special going on for all you who choose to ride to Edgeworks!  On every Monday during the month of May, if you ride your bike to Edgeworks, you get a discounted day pass– $10!

If you want more information on bicycling as a commuter, check out this guide.  If you’re not sure how to ride your bike to Edgeworks, Google Maps allows you to get directions for bikes, avoiding busy main roads like 6th ave.

So hop on your bike and come on down to Edgeworks this month!

Crushing Tip #10

Feeling like your next project is eternally halting your growth? We all hit plateaus. Thankfully, Joey Burns has a suggestion.

While he’s traversing the walls, we have a short conversation about his climbing. Joey credits his (freakish) abilities to, what else? Traversing. “If you’re a new climber, the best thing you can do is traverse,” Joey explains. “Traversing helps me get past all my plateaus, from V1 to V2, from V4 to V5.” Aside from providing an endless series of climbing problems, traversing is extremely helpful in the endurance department. “It’s what helped me – especially when I was a new climber.” Looking to further improve your climbing? Check out our Private Lessons or ProRock Coaching programs.

Looking to further improve your climbing? Check out our Private Lessons or ProRock Coaching programs

2012 T-Town Pulldown Results

Did you guys  have a blast at the 2012 T-Town Pulldown, because we sure did!  We had a great turnout and tons of awesome climbers competing.  Check out the results below and have a look at some of the photos from the comp!  If you have any photos of the comp on Facebook, make sure to tag Edgeworks Climbing so we can see ’em!

Female Results
Male Results
Speed Comp Results 

A huge thanks to our sponsors of this year’s T-Town Pulldown!





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Comp: 2012 T-Town Pulldown

Get ready for the 8th Annual T-Town Pulldown!  This USAC sanctioned competition happens once a year; 100’s of climbers from around the region flock to compete.  Some of the best routes of the year are put up for this competition, the energy is phenomenal and the raffles prizes from climbing brands like Black Diamond, Petzl, and Evolv are awesome!

8th Annual T-Town Pulldown
April 28th, 2012

Format: Redpoint – Sport
Categories: Male/Female – Youth/Adult/Masters

Entry Fee: $35 (pre-registration deadline April 18th)

Session A:
All Female Categories
Check-In: 9:00am
Rules: 10:15am
Competition: 10:30am – 1:30pm
Session B:
All Male Categories
Check-In: 1:00pm
Rules: 2:15pm
Competition: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Speed Comp:

Rock, Climb, Serve from Metro Parks Tacoma

On Friday, April 20th, 2012 Metro Parks Tacoma’s Outdoor Adventures is going to be taking over our gym from 4:00pm until 10:00pm. We will be closedFor more info about Outdoor Adventures (MPT) visit: or


Women’s Night

Ladies!  Come in on the 1st Friday of each month and get a $9 day pass!  Bring your friends, or meet other women who love to climb.

5-10pm, 1st Friday of each month

Crushing Tip #9

For new and experienced climbers alike, a quick reminder to focus on precise footwork is always worthwhile tip. “Focus on watching your foot all the way to the hold,” explains Jon Manz. “A lot of people see a hold and before they’ve placed their feet, they’re already looking at the next move.” Is that you?

Watch your foot on each and every hold! That means more than seeing it. Follow your foot to the best position on the hold and watch until you’re applying pressure. That, ladies and gents, is precise footwork. Go to it!

Looking to further improve your climbing? Check out our Private Lessons or ProRock Coaching programs

Corporate Membership Sale

April marks our much anticipated Annual Corporate Membership Sale. We’re putting our Normally $545 Corporate Membership on sale, $100 off; we are reducing it to just $445! Here is the catch: You have to be a Corporate member. How do you become a corporate member?? Well that is easy. Here are the steps:

1.) All members of the Mountaineers are already corporate partners. Just show the front desk you current membership card and get signed up! Not a Mountaineers member? Get signed up today!

2.) All members of the American Alpine Club are also already set up with a corporate partnership. Just show the front desk you current membership card and get signed up! Also not an AAC member? Get signed up today!

3.) Do you work for Franciscan Health Systems, Multicare, or REI?? If so, your company has already qualified you for a Corporate discount. Just show your ID card when registering at the front desk and enjoy!

4.) If your company is not currently a corporate partner, there is still a chance for you to receive a corporate discount and take advantage of our April special. Here are the options for you:
a.) Get 5 of our coworkers  together and get them all signed up for memberships (AutoPay or Annual) and you all will receive our corporate rates.
b.) Have your company sign up for a  Team-Building Event (on site or at Edgeworks) and that day anyone who signs up for a membership will receive our corporate discounts. Sign up for a Team-Building Event in April and take advantage of our special SALE!!!

UPDATE!!! – If you are looking to get signed up for our AutoPay option with your company, REI, Franciscan, or Multicare, during April your initiation fee is only $40!!! SAVE $35 off when you show your current ID card. 

So there you have it folks! If you are looking to become a corporate partner or have any questions, please contact Patrick at 253-564-4899 ext. 9105 or by e-mail .