Blacklight Bouldering Results

Thanks to everyone who competed.  Awesome job and we are psyched to see some incredible routes being sent by the best of the northwest.




Blacklight Bouldering 2013


2013 ABS 15 Blacklight Bouldering Competition + Party

Join us for the 9th annual Blacklight Bouldering competition – also known as, one of the biggest and best climbing events in the region!  This unique event combines the fun of blacklights with the excitement and energy of a climbing competition.

You can sign up for BOTH competing and volunteering on the website!

Session 1 Times:
Check-In Opens: 10:00am
Rules Meeting: 10:30am
Competition: 11:00am-2:00pm
Session 1 Categories: Any
Session 2 Times:
Check-In Opens: 2:00pm
Rules Meeting: 2:30pm
Competition: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Session 2 Categories: Any


Date: October 26th, 2013
Entry: $35 ($40 after Oct 16th)
PreReg Deadline: October 16th
Edgeworks Members: $20
Open to: ALL Ages/Abilities
-Best routes of the year
-Blacklight fun
-$1500 cash purse (OPEN Categories)
-Prizes and Raffle (Adult and Youth)
-After Party (21+)


1) Sessions/Categories: Any category can register for either session (first come, first served).
2) Prizes:
Open Category Prizes: 1st-$450, 2nd-$200, 3rd-$100. (Male & Female OPEN Categories)
-1st Place in any other adult category will get a product prize.
3) USAC Credit and OPEN Category: Youth CANNOT get USAC credit for the comp if they compete in OPEN Category for prize money. In the unusual case that a youth participant wants to compete for BOTH USAC credit AND prize money, you must register for and climb in both sessions. Yes, that means they have to pay twice.
4) Climbing Time: Climbers will be allowed EXACTLY 3 hours to climb. All climbing will end at the 3 hour mark. (This is a change from previous years when we allowed climbers to finish the climb that they were in line for at the buzzer.)

Yes!  We need you!  Volunteer to be a competition judge (no experience necessary).
Benefits of volunteering:
-Single Session Volunteers: (10:15am-2:00pm OR 2:15pm-6:00pm)
$25 EW Gift Card, comp shirt and Karma points.
-Double Session Volunteers: (10:15pm-6:00pm)
$50 EW Gift Card, comp shirt, pizza and DOUBLE Karma points.


We will need painting volunteers Thursday and Friday prior to the comp. If you are interested, please talk to Andy directly.

Edgeworks Team is Crushing


Congratulations to the team kids who crushed it this past weekend at the Stumptown Throw Down Youth ABS competition at the Portland Rock Gym; taking home 4 of 6 ribbons in the Female Youth D division. Next, the team will compete at Northwest Boulderfest in Seattle before taking the home field advantage at our very own Blacklight Bouldering Competition. Good luck, everyone!

New Fall Fitness Schedule


Starting October 1st, 2013 we will be rolling out a new fall fitness schedule.

We are adding back in your old rainy weather favorite… Cycling!!! This class is just under an hour of upbeat funky music mixes, lost of sweat, and is great for any level of fitness. Come and take an indoor cycling class with Partick on Mondays at 6:00 pm.

Looking for a great metabolic boosting workout? Marissa will be teaching a new class designed around the concept of small group personal training. Her class Meta-Training is on Fridays at 6:00 pm. Swing by and see what some fun progressions and regressions can do for your strength and metabolism.

Lastly is our new morning class. We are trying out a new class and a new time slot. Our CORE-30 class is a half an hour (30 minutes) of fun core exercises for those looking to work hard and challenge themselves. This fast paced class will get you moving and feeling your core for days to come. This class is not recommended if you have any injuries or movement restrictions.

Check out our schedule here to see what classes are when and what works with your schedule.

Don’t forget. We also offer Personal Training and Private Pilates sessions available for those of you looking to go farther with your fitness and health. Give us a call to schedule a meeting or first session today!


Student Membership Sale

2013 Student Membership Sale

Save $45 on your membership!

It’s that time of year again… it’s about time to go back to school and we’re getting in on the action with our annual Student Membership Sale!

All of September, if you’ve got a valid student ID in the state of Washington, then you can get in on this deal. Just show us your ID and you can get a monthly AUTOPAY Membership with a $5 Initiation Fee! Save $45!  That’s just $46/month for all the unlimited climbing and fitness you can handle.  Yup, that means you get to climb AND you get unlimited access to all our Yoga, Pilates, Cycling and Bootcamp classes too!  Plus you get all the perks of membership, like a 15% discount on climbing school classes, a 10% discount on product (shoes, harnesses and such) in the pro shop, free first time guest passes so you can get your friends addicted to climbing too… and more! Don’t miss out!

Remember, this ENDS September 30th so take advantage of this deal!

Crushing Tip #20



by: Andy Davis

Do you ever find yourself tapping the wall with your foot in order to stand up?  Do you find yourself holding onto holds harder than you need to?  Perhaps becoming more adept at shifting your weight might help!

We are incredibly good at shifting our weight when doing activities like walking, running, ice skating, slacklining, etc…  What is different about climbing?  Well we get to hold onto things with our arms mucking our balance up.  At the most basic level what you should be doing while climbing is shifting your weight from foothold to foothold while balancing with your hands.  That’s right, not pulling with your arms, just shifting your weight to balance on your feet.

A great way to practice this concept is to get on an easy slab route and try climbing it without hand holds. You can also traverse and practice moving your hips in such ways that you feel balanced at all times with as little weight on your hands as possible.

Good Luck!

ClimbFit #38

This coming weeks ClimbFit workout is extra special! Not only are you going for time, but you are also going for a high score on your boulder routes. (V0 = .5pts, V1= 1pt, V2=2pts etc.) We will throw this workout in every couple months so you can measure your progress. Good Luck!


Suggested warm-up: climb 3 easy routes focusing on quiet feet

Record your routes on the back of your time card and total at the end.

Suggested cool-down: Drink Water and Stretch

(Time to beat is 37 min)

ClimbFit Workout: Week #36

The rain is back and so are ClimbFit Workouts!

Just a reminder on how the ClimbFit workouts work. Every week we will post a workout that is made up of climbing activities and body weight exercises.  The goal is to do the workout as fast as possible (without compromising your form). Then you can record your time on a card and turn it in for recognition on all of your hard work. Our weekly workouts will also include a suggested un-timed warm-up and cool-down to make the workout more complete. That’s it; have fun and get strong. See below for this weeks workout and a list of commonly used acronyms.

WOW #36:


Warm-up: (un-timed)

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 1 min plank hold


Workout: (for time)

  • 4 Boulder Routes at -4 RPG
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • 3 Boulder Routes at -3 RPG
  • 10 BW Squats
  • 2 Boulder Routes at -2 RPG
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • 1 Boulder Routes at -1 RPG
  • 10 BW Squats


Cool Down: (un-timed)

  • Easy Traverse or AutoBelay laps at -4 RPG for 10min


The time to beat is: 23:23



  • RPG = Red Point Grade – this is the grade of the hardest route you can climb without falling. When a workout says (-2 RPG) you subtract two grades  from your Red Point Grade to determine what you should climb. (+/-) counts as a grade jump. For example if your RPG is 5.10+ then -2 RPG would be 5.10-.
  • TR = Top Rope
  • AB = Auto Belay
  • BW = Body Weight
  • WOW = Workout of the Week