Member Spotlight: Apr 2017

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Calvin Kim

Member since 2016

How did you start climbing?

Calvin: Last summer my 9 yr old kept asking me to take her rock climbing. I took her a handful of times. We knew nothing about rock climbing- we’d use all the colors, climb up to the top and come back down. My kids liked it- but I found this to be a terribly boring and pointless sport. I came only to satisfy my kids and it allowed me to spend time with them!
I posted pics of us climbing on Facebook. My uber competitive cousin who is a serious climber commented that we should be climbing 5-10 and higher only! Another time a friend commented on a picture and said- “sure- use all the colors”! Then it clicked in my brain that the numbers corresponded with the grade of difficulty and the point of climbing was to stick with one color and try to complete the route! This was a game changer- climbing went from boredom to fun almost overnight!
We went from coming a few times a month- to coming multiple times a week beginning in November of last year!

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?

Calvin: For sure it’s location- we live in Lakewood- however- we have climbed at a number of other gyms- and my kids and I both heartily agree that Edgeworks has the coolest vibe and great staff. We’ve visited a different gym and their staff were so uppity and strict. It made us appreciate the chill and fun atmosphere at Edgeworks! We also like all of the different events, activities, and challenges that are put on at Edgeworks which keep it fun. We love being a part of the Edgeworks tribe!

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Calvin: Because we only started seriously climbing last November, I’ve only been to Smith Rock once to climb outdoors. Learned to do my first lead climb there and really got hooked on outdoor climbing.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Calvin: I am an avid triathlete so I’m either running, swimming, cycling, or conditioning. Currently I’m training for a couple of races that I had committed to long ago. Truth be told- I look forward to when these races are over so I can focus more time on climbing.

Which do you prefer: top rope, lead, or bouldering?

Calvin: I like all of them- although I spend the most amount of time with the top rope!

What are some interesting facts that you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?

Calvin: Scientific research has shown what happens to the brain during intense exercise. The neurochemicals that are elevated and produced result in all kinds of other amazing benefits. Studies also show a very strong correlation between kids who exercise a lot and how well they perform in school. While I engage in physical activity to reap the benefits that come from exercise, most of the sports take me away from my kids for many hours. I love this sport of climbing- First, because it allows me to spend great quality time with my kids. Secondly, I’m not just watching the kids get exercise- I get to be just as engaged while we’re all challenged at our own individual levels! Thirdly, I know that exercise will benefit my kids academically. If you want your kids to excel in school keep them engaged in physical activity as much as you can!