Crushing Tip #23

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Wear better shoes

by: Marissa Lyons

There are a lot of ways to climb better, faster and stronger, but one thing that improves climbing without any training is a good pair of shoes!

Beginners typically choose loose-fitting comfortable shoes. But no matter what grade you climb, I recommend you get a high-end pair of shoes that are snug , but not miserably tight. Higher end shoes give you much more precision, and do a better job of allowing you to use all parts of your foot. This is the one and only piece of gear that can actually make a difference in your climbing! Get the best fitting pair of high-end shoes you can find!

Here is a detailed article on how to pick out your first pair of climbing shoes.

Also, for more information on shoes and gear, check out our Tuesday Night Clinic on February 18th with our in-house staff gear guru, Mike Dove, and our friends from Petzl.