Reservations FAQ

We're excited to begin welcoming ALL MEMBERS (prepaid, current + frozen) back to the gym!
The health + well-being of our members, guests, staff + greater community continues to be of utmost importance as we continue to slowly re-open Edgeworks in very limited ways.

Here's what you need to know, please read thoroughly + carefully.



Before You Arrive

There are a few important changes + details everyone must be aware of before making a reservation. Please be sure to complete each of the following: To reduce traffic + interactions at the front desk, members are strongly encouraged to submit account updates 24 hours in advance of your visit - or - wait until everybody is checked in for assistance.

Your Membership

  • Monthly EFT memberships will automatically UNFREEZE on the date a reservation is made and monthly billing will resume with prorated dues for the remaining part of the current month.
  • Prepaid Members (6 month + Annual) will have their membership expiration extension begin on the date a reservation is made.
  • Conversely, members who do not choose to use the gym during this time will remain frozen with $0 freeze fees.

Note: Many of our Annual and 6-Month members have asked to be sustaining members (not have their memberships extended) and we're incredibly grateful for their support. If you would like to be considered a sustaining member, please let us know in a comment at our member resources page.

Reservation Areas

To promote physical distancing and reduce crowding in certain areas, the gym has been broken down into the following reservable zones:

  • ZONE 1 - East Bay: LEAD + TOP ROPE | max 4 people
  • ZONE 2 - East Bay: TOP ROPE + AUTO BELAYS | max 5 people
  • ZONE 3 - West Bay: TOP ROPE + AUTO BELAYS | max 5 people
  • ZONE 4 - West Bay: BOULDERING | max 5 people
  • FITNESS - Weight + Cardio Areas | max 5 people
  • KILTER BOARD - Upstairs | max 2 people

You must stay within your reserved area/zone for the full 2 hour session. If space permits, you may request to move to a new area/zone. Staff approval is required.

Reservation Times

Monday - Friday
10am - 12pm
10am - 12pm
10am - 12pm
1pm - 3pm
1pm - 3pm
1pm - 3pm
4pm - 6pm
4pm - 6pm
4pm - 6pm
7pm - 9pm
7pm - 9pm

Please limit your reservations to:

  • One 2-HOUR time slot per day; double bookings will be cancelled.
  • 4 reservations per week per person
  • Reservable up to 7 days in advance

Can I make reservations for other people?

Due to the membership unfreeze at the time of reservation, we recommend booking only for yourself and other members on your account.

  • Guest passes, punch passes + day passes are not allowed at this time.
  • Every person inside the gym must have a reservation, including children and non-climbers.
  • Please do not bring additional people with you, especially if they are not an active member.