Team Update: March 2017

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Team Lock-in A Success!

Mini-golf, Hokey Pokey, Birdie on a Perch, Tyrolean Traverse, Capture The Flag; these are only some of the activities enjoyed by Team Edgeworks at the lock-in last month. The team in it’s newest form that includes Club, Comp, and Advanced Teams came together in one place for the first time on this night, bonding and developing a new team spirit.

Walking from Edgeworks to Tower Lanes seemed like it might be as treacherous as the Fitz Roy Traverse, but the kids travelled like it was a single pitch on the West Ridge of Prusik Peak! Once there, somehow 25 kids made very little impact on the facility, other than cleaning them out of their golf clubs. Everyone made it back safely and announced their presence by playing a rousing game of Hokey Pokey, drawing in other climbers as it progressed.

If climbing by itself isn’t a big enough challenge, many kids faced their fears by traversing a rope from one side of the gym to the other 20 feet off the ground. The Tyrolean traverse requires strength, trust, and determination. All of the team kids display these qualities daily.

Excellent comportment in our gym community and beyond, and helpfulness and encouragement to fellow teammates was tempered by quite a lot of silliness the rest of the night. They deserve it for all the hard work they put in every day. Go Team!