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Riley Hume has been a part of the Edgeworks community since January 2013, thanks to his mom Nicole Hume. According to Riley she wanted him “spending less time at the house”! He joined Team Edgeworks in September 2014.

In addition to the problem solving aspect of climbing itself, Riley enjoys being a part of the climbing community. He has taken every opportunity to participate in the community at Edgeworks. He was the first place finisher in the first ever Edgeworks 90 day challenge, he spends time climbing outdoors with members and staff of Edgeworks, he even started working at Edgeworks this year as a routesetter, and will be coaching young climbers to crush!

As part of the team, the trip to Leavenworth this year has been his favorite vacation so far. He “made memories and lifelong connections”. He is especially connected to teammate Hal Warren, Riley’s personal hero. “When life gets to me, he’s always there to remind me of everything I have to fight for”. His greatest supporter, former teammate Amy Arnts, has helped him “find happiness in everything that I do. She teaches me to love myself.”

This season marks the last season that Riley will compete with Team Edgeworks. He’s turning 18 next month, and plans to attend college to become a mechanical engineer while staying on as a weekend routesetter and coach at Edgeworks.

Coach Jon Manz says, “It’s been great to work with Riley for the last 3 years, and to help him grow as a climber, but the most exciting thing has been to watch him step into the role of coaching younger climbers as a youth program instructor. I’ve never had one of my athletes become a coach before, and I can’t think of a climber who’s better suited to shape the next generation of Edgeworks climbers.”

Riley is an interesting person with a few stories to tell. Next time you see him ask him about his two week backpacking trip across the Olympics and the Washington Coast.