Focus on Fitness

Edgeworks is revamping its fitness area! Coming soon are kettlebells, resistance tubing, medicine balls, jump ropes and stability balls to meet all of your training needs. If you need help using the equipment, designing a program, or getting motivated then you might need a personal trainer. Try one of our certified instructors, Patrick or Marissa.  Our trainers will help design and work you through a program that meets your needs. Sign-up at the Front Desk!


Rock Warrior’s Way Clinic is back!!!

That is right! We are bringing Jeff Lodas back for another round of falling and committing.  There are only 6 spots, so don’t miss out!
Click Here To Register!

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T-Town PullDown Results


Here are the scores from the 9th T-Town Pull Down! Congratulations to everyone that competed and thanks to the staff and volunteers that put on great competition!

PullDown Scores-Male

PullDown Scores-Female


PullDown Scores-Male-1 PullDown Scores Female-1



9th Annual T-Town Pull-Down

It’s that time of year to put your climbing skills and strength to the test! Saturday April 27th will be our 9th annual T-Town PullDown Youth & Adult Climbing Competition. There are climbing divisions for all levels and lots of chances to win PRIZES. Visit our website to register today.



Crushing Tip #18

Chris Sharma on "Spicy Noodle", White Mountain, Yangshuo, China.

CORE! (Its not just for apples anymore)

Do you feel a little shaky when you climb?  Do you have a hard time keeping your feet on when you get to the steeps?  Then, it may be time to focus on your CORE!

Core strength is very important for climbing and overall health.  Improving your core will help keep you balanced and strong, allowing you to keep your limbs on the wall and make those difficult moves.  Edgeworks offers many classes to help strengthen your core muscles including yoga, pilates, and bootcamp (included with membership or day pass).  Or if you are looking for something a little more personalized, Edgeworks is now offering personal training sessions with our personal trainers, Marisssa and Patrick ($50/hr or $200 for 5hrs).

Whatever you choose, don’t forget: while we may be striving for that six pack to show off in our summer wear, the core consists of much more than just our tummy.  So get balanced – work your CORE!




Starting in May Edgeworks will be opening at 7am on Monday and Wednesdays! Come in early and get your climb on, enjoy the gym on your own terms, no crowds and take a shower before you go to work. Our new AutoBelays will make sure you always have a climbing partner so doing laps for a great morning workout is now possible! We’ll see you in the morning!

NOW OPEN EARLY MORNINGS: Monday & Wednesdays @ 7:00am



ClimbFit Benchmark Week April 15th-21st


The inaugural ClimbFit Benchmark event will be Wednesday, April 17th @12:00pm and 5:30pm.

The event is FREE to everyone. Learn how to measure your current climbing fitness, set appropriate goals, and improve your climbing using the ClimbFit program. Can’t make it to the event, no worries, the benchmark activities will be on the board all week.

Friday Early Closing

We’re closing at 7pm this Friday for a large group event, so drop by early to get your climbing in.  We are open regular hours on Saturday, 10am-10pm.