Crushing Tip #20



by: Andy Davis

Do you ever find yourself tapping the wall with your foot in order to stand up?  Do you find yourself holding onto holds harder than you need to?  Perhaps becoming more adept at shifting your weight might help!

We are incredibly good at shifting our weight when doing activities like walking, running, ice skating, slacklining, etc…  What is different about climbing?  Well we get to hold onto things with our arms mucking our balance up.  At the most basic level what you should be doing while climbing is shifting your weight from foothold to foothold while balancing with your hands.  That’s right, not pulling with your arms, just shifting your weight to balance on your feet.

A great way to practice this concept is to get on an easy slab route and try climbing it without hand holds. You can also traverse and practice moving your hips in such ways that you feel balanced at all times with as little weight on your hands as possible.

Good Luck!

ClimbFit #38

This coming weeks ClimbFit workout is extra special! Not only are you going for time, but you are also going for a high score on your boulder routes. (V0 = .5pts, V1= 1pt, V2=2pts etc.) We will throw this workout in every couple months so you can measure your progress. Good Luck!


Suggested warm-up: climb 3 easy routes focusing on quiet feet

Record your routes on the back of your time card and total at the end.

Suggested cool-down: Drink Water and Stretch

(Time to beat is 37 min)

ClimbFit Workout: Week #36

The rain is back and so are ClimbFit Workouts!

Just a reminder on how the ClimbFit workouts work. Every week we will post a workout that is made up of climbing activities and body weight exercises.  The goal is to do the workout as fast as possible (without compromising your form). Then you can record your time on a card and turn it in for recognition on all of your hard work. Our weekly workouts will also include a suggested un-timed warm-up and cool-down to make the workout more complete. That’s it; have fun and get strong. See below for this weeks workout and a list of commonly used acronyms.

WOW #36:


Warm-up: (un-timed)

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 1 min plank hold


Workout: (for time)

  • 4 Boulder Routes at -4 RPG
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • 3 Boulder Routes at -3 RPG
  • 10 BW Squats
  • 2 Boulder Routes at -2 RPG
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • 1 Boulder Routes at -1 RPG
  • 10 BW Squats


Cool Down: (un-timed)

  • Easy Traverse or AutoBelay laps at -4 RPG for 10min


The time to beat is: 23:23



  • RPG = Red Point Grade – this is the grade of the hardest route you can climb without falling. When a workout says (-2 RPG) you subtract two grades  from your Red Point Grade to determine what you should climb. (+/-) counts as a grade jump. For example if your RPG is 5.10+ then -2 RPG would be 5.10-.
  • TR = Top Rope
  • AB = Auto Belay
  • BW = Body Weight
  • WOW = Workout of the Week





Get Sponsored by Edgeworks!

New this year, Edgeworks will be sponsoring the three members with the most check-ins in the month of September at our Blacklight Bouldering competition. What does this mean? It means free entry and a competition shirt at the best bouldering comp of the year. All you have to do is come enjoy our facility as much as you can in the month of September…and be sure to check-in. Only one check-in per day will count, and in the case of a tie, winners will be determined by the most check-ins to fitness classes.

Check-in challenge starts Sunday. Good Luck!


Welcome City of Burien – Summer Camp!

This Thursday, August 15th, we will be hosting a Summer Camp from the city of Burien for the afternoon. Welcome and we hope you all have a great time.

Carpet Removal


Please excuse the mess while we remove the carpet in our lobby. We will keep everyone posted of any changes made to our schedule.

Team Edgeworks Potluck


Team Edgeworks would like to invite climbers and their families who are interested in joining Team to our preseason potluck dinner. We’re meeting at Edgeworks at 4pm to climb, and then heading to Titlow Park for dinner and to talk about the coming season. This is a great chance to meet and ask questions of the whole team family. Current parents, competitors and coaches will all be there and we’d love to see you too! If you have any questions please get in touch with Jon at the gym.

-August 25th
-04:00PM @ Edgeworks Climbing Gym then on to Titlow Park for the potluck.
-More information email Jayson:

AAC Speakeasy & Climb


This months social will be hosting  Professional Rock Climber, Audrey Sniezek. Join us as she shares stories of her first ice climbing adventure in Western China.


For more information about Audrey check out her facebook page:


The third Tuesday of every month Edgeworks will be hosting the American Alpine Clubs Monthly Social. Climbing starts at 06:00PM followed by drinks and entertainment at 07:00PM.  Join us and find out what the AAC and Edgeworks are all about, meet other members, and have a great time!

Members Free – Non-members $5 Day Pass

Contact Thomas for more information: