Wednesday Night Trifecta


Cycling – like climbing but not as vertical and a little faster. Jayson got so excited about his new helmet that we’ve decided to host a free ride for our members* around the North End of T-Town on Wednesday nights. It’s not really a climbing event, but more of an opportunity to get together, meet other members, and spend some time outside the gym.

*All members, future members, potential members, friends, family and people with bicycles are invited; the more the merrier – but expect to hear about our Corporate Specials if you are not already involved.

We’ll leave from the gym parking lot at 7pm and head out for a ride around the North End. Then, after about an hour of riding, we’ll stop at the HUB for 10% OFF dinner ; heading back to the gym around 9:30pm via North 11th.

Don’t forget to bring a helmet, bike lights, bike lock, money and ID!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Next Ride: October 8, 2014

Bullet Point Itinerary: (For those who prefer lists.)

6:00 pm – Pull Plastic in the Gym
7:00 pm – Leave Edgeworks and head out for a ride around the North End.

8:15 pm – Arrive at the HUB, for 10%OFF dinner
9:30 pm – Return to Edgeworks


FREE Outdoor Guided Climbing

instructor_SPI_BW-150x150 reducedParticipate in FREE professional training for beginner outdoor climbers! We are seeking individuals who would like to play the role of student/client for the exam candidates of an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) exam.

When: Tuesday October 7th, 9am-3pm
Where: Mt Erie (near Anacortes)

Your instructors for the day will provide a day’s worth of climbing instruction to those who are interested, all under the supervision of an AMGA Certified Rock Guide for FREE.  

We are primarily interested in climbers who haven’t spent a great deal of time outdoors.  “Mock clients” (you) will work with the guides from approximately 9am to 3pm. The ideal “mock client” will have rock shoes, a helmet and a harness, though if you don’t have one of these things, we may be able to provide it.

CLICK HERE for more information and registration


About the AMGA SPI Course/Exam: The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor Course and exam is the first in the AMGA sequence of climbing instructor and guide training programs.

The SPI course was designed to help capable recreational climbers transition into capable and effective climbing instructors. The course focuses on the technical skills required by an instructor as they are applied in all forms of single pitch climbing instruction. In addition to this, the course addresses the essential educational and environmental tenets required to teach climbing. Those seeking certification may go on to take a two-day field examination following the course. Certified Single Pitch Instructors are expected to demonstrate the technical and educational proficiencies necessary to instruct a variety of single pitch rock climbing skills in a safe and effective manner to both groups and individuals.

To read more about the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor course and exam, please click on the following link:

Student Membership Sale!

2014 Membership Sale Blog Banner

Save $45 on your membership!

It’s “Back to School” time at Edgeworks and we’re getting in on the action with our annual STUDENT MEMBERSHIP SALE!

Here’s How It Works:
Just show us your valid Washington State Student ID and get a monthly
AUTOPAY Membership with a $5 Start-Up Fee that’s a savings of $45! 

Here’s What You Get: 
• CLIMBING! Top Rope, Lead, Bouldering & Auto Belays
• FREE! Belay & Technique Classes
• FREE! Fitness Classes
• FUN! Community Events
• and MORE!

ALL STUDENTS, regardless of age, qualify for the discounted $5 Start-Up Fee!
• Students 24 years of age or younger, qualify for the $47/month STUDENT EFT rate.
• Students 25 years of age or older, qualify for the $61/month EFT rate.

Remember, the SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 30TH so take advantage of this deal! Don’t miss out. 


September Group Special!


Schedule a Group. Get a FREE! Membership.

During the month of September 2014, you can get a FREE! 1-Month Membership when you schedule a Group Climbing Event or Team Building session for your workplace.

Why schedule a workplace climbing event? In case you haven’t noticed – climbing bonds people by encouraging trust, communication, cooperation, and shared victories. And let’s face it, office jobs often require people with no prior friendships to work together and rely on each other to achieve goals for a company.

That’s why you should check out our Team Building and/or Groups & Events pages on the website for specific details and to SIGN UP NOW.

Or, contact Jayson Owens directly at 253.564.4899 extension 9103.

Event must take place prior to December 31st, 2014.


Benefits of Rock Climbing


Indoor rock climbing is quickly becoming the most popular alternative fitness activity because it’s fun, challenging and social. In our busy lives, we no longer have time to “work-out” in the traditional sense. And guess what, even if we did have time, we don’t WANT to do it because it’s boring, repetitive and solitary.

Check out the following surprising benefits of rock climbing!

Physical Benefits:

• Improve balance
• Increase flexibility
• Increase muscle tone
• Improve cardiovascular health (low impact aerobic workout)
• Lose weight
• Improve coordination (gross and fine motor skills)

Mental Benefits:

• Stress Relief
• Increase self confidence (sense of achievement)
• Improve spatial and kinesthetic intelligence
• Improve decision making and problem solving skills
• Improve visualization skills
• Practice setting and achieving goals
• Increase concentration

Social Benefits:

• Build trust
• Build character
• Belong to a community
• Networking and friendship
• Communication and listening skills
• Leadership Skills

10th Anniversary Party!

2014 10th Anniversary POSTER

Edgeworks is turning 10! Help us celebrate:

Monday, September 15, 2014 – 7pm to 10pm

September 15, 2004, Edgeworks opened its doors to the climbing community of Tacoma. 10 years later we’re still here, better than ever before, and it’s all because of YOU! So we’re hosting a party to say THANK YOU for the best 10 years we ever could have hoped for…

Monday, September 15, 2014 • 7pm – 10pm

Climbing • FREE! Beer • Music with DJ Johnny Devine • Photo Booth • FUN!

Who and How Much:
FREE! for members, past & present! That’s right, if you’ve ever been a member of Edgeworks then you helped to make this all possible and we just want to say THANKS!
$10 for everyone else.

We’ll also have Limited Edition 10th Anniversary T-Shirts available for just $10!


Corporate Programs


Looking to expand your employee’s health benefits and encourage healthy lifestyles?

Recent surveys have reported that wellness programs reduced medical costs and absenteeism by up to 30%.  Our Corporate Programs can help you, your company, and your employees improve their health and save money at the same time.

As an Edgeworks Corporate Partner, your staff will qualify for 20% OFF Autopay or Annual Prepaid memberships and 20% OFF Day Passes. Additionally, if your company hosts a Team Building Event at Edgeworks, staff get $0 start-up fee.

Contact Jayson Owens for details:
253.564.4899 or

Corp Membership Price Grid

Additionally, Edgeworks is a great choice for
Corporate and Team events, meetings, or just a day of fun and health!

Current offerings include:

 •   MEETING SPACE RENTAL – (Catering Available, Projector Available)   •
•   FULL GYM RENTAL – Anytime   •
• TEAM BUILDING – 2 Hour, Half Day, & Full Day Options  •
•   Transportation for up to 14 – Anytime, Any Event   •


Going Tapeless


Be prepared for things to be a little different ’round here!

While most of you are away soaking up the warm weather and projecting routes at your favorite outdoor crag this summer, we decided to spend our time doing something BIG here at Edgeworks.

Ergo, our 750 lbs summer project was born. Stay tuned for more details…