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Banff Mountain Film Festival

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2019/20

Rialto Theater | Downtown Tacoma | 6:45pm – 10pm | Tickets On Sale Now

DATES: Monday, November 25, 2019 | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Monday and Tuesday BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Purchase Tickets:
Cost: $20/night

Additional fees and taxes apply.

Member Discount:

Ticketing fees are waived for members of Edgeworks, The Mountaineers and Puget Sound Outdoors! Discount available only at Edgeworks.

For the BEST PRICE, purchase your tickets at Edgeworks!
Member discounts are not available through Tacoma Arts Live.

Don’t wait! Both shows tend to SELL OUT days in advance so be sure to buy your tickets now.

Presented locally by*:

The MountaineersPuget Sound Outdoors, and Edgeworks Climbing

Be inspired, be energized, and celebrate the spirit of adventure when the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour returns to Tacoma with all new films for 2019/20!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and an annual presentation of short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and environment. It was launched in 1976 as The Banff Festival of Mountain Films by The Banff Centre and is held every fall in Banff, Alberta.

Immediately after the annual festival wraps each November, a selection of the best films go on tour. The host organization(s) in each tour location chooses a program that reflects the interests of their community. Each community creates a unique celebration of local adventure and adventurers. The World Tour visits approximately 305 cities annually in 20 countries, reaching over 220,000 audience members. Tacoma is one of the very first stops of the tour!

Film selection occurs the afternoon of the events, and we will do our best to identify a range of activities to suit our varied local community.

NOTE: The film rating is Parental Guidance; films may contain coarse language.

Show times and seating:

Doors open at 6:00 pm  |  Shows start at 6:45 pm  |  Seats are festival style ~ first come basis


Rialto Theater, 9th and Broadway downtown Tacoma. Map it!


For more information, contact Mindy Roberts (; 253-651-5483).

Stay Connected:

Follow Tacoma Banff on Facebook! It’s the best way to stay up to date on the events and special offers.

NEW: Fitness Classes w/ Lyra

About Lyra Pierotti

Being both an AMGA Rock Guide and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Lyra is uniquely qualified to design fitness classes and training programs that specifically target the needs of climbers.

The exercises she creates come from her careful study of movement, developed through academic study as well as observations of her own movement and that of her clients—from over a decade of guiding in the mountains.

Durability for Climbers | Tuesdays at 6:00pm

Focusing on a variety of functional movement patterns, this class will help you work on your posture and neuromuscular control—subtle but challenging work. This class will help you identify and focus on your areas of need—during class and in your everyday life—and collect tools to keep you healthy, happy, and mobile enough for your next “send”.

Participating in 5 consecutive sessions is recommended before expecting any changes or results.

Warm-up for Climbers | Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Competitive athletes, dancers, and other movement artists don’t dare hit the field or stage without a careful warmup. This 30 minute class will introduce you to various movement patterns and appropriate types warm up activities for climbing. (hint: not stretching)

Additionally, this class will cover a exercises to aid in your cool down routine and help enhance recovery. Ultimately helping you cultivate a warmup and cool down routine that best suits your needs. 

Join this class weekly to learn new movement techniques and adopt tools to improve performance, reduce risk of injury, and most importantly have more fun in each and every climbing session.

Member Spotlight November 2019

Deb King

Members since October 2016

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in the Pacific Northwest?

Deb: I grew up in the Bay Area, and first moved to the PNW after living on the Big Island for 4 years with my husband Jeff. We left the PNW for a couple years to live in Oslo, Norway, but came back to stay in 2000.

What’s the story behind your becoming a climber? How did you end up at Edgeworks?

Deb: The first time I came to Edgeworks was with Jeff, our sons and their Scout troop. That day I only did auto-belays, but loved the challenge of climbing. Of course I was clueless on what I was doing, but I had a blast doing it! It wasn’t until January of last year that a friend of mine suggested we join EW to stay active in the winter. I’ve been coming ever since!

If you had to choose between bouldering, top rope or lead climbing as the only form of climbing you could do from here on out, what would you choose and why?

Deb: If I had to choose one form of climbing, it would be lead. I love the challenge it presents, and the total focus it requires.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a climber that you would teach to your younger self who’s just starting out climbing?

Deb: In the two years I’ve been climbing, I’ve learned the importance of warming up before climbing hard, and not letting the route ratings dictate what I attempt, at least while on top rope!

Best part about Edgeworks?

Deb: Best part of Edgeworks is the people, of course. I love how friendly and laid back everyone is, both the employees and members. I am always impressed with the creativity and diversity of the routes – EW route setters do a great job keeping things interesting!

Could you tell us something about you that our community members might not know? What’s your jam outside of Edgeworks?

Deb: Something people might not know about me: I used to fly helicopters over active lava flows on the Big Island, and spent a summer flying over and landing on glaciers in Southeast Alaska. 

What’s your goal for the months ahead as far as climbing and fitness go?

Deb:  To become more experienced and confident in trad, learn multi pitch, and climb outside as much as possible. I had the chance to climb for a day in Joshua Tree in April, and would love to go back there next year and spend a lot more time exploring. I used to have the goal of climbing harder and harder routes in the gym, but now I realize that it’s not the number that counts the most, it’s enjoying whatever challenge the route has to offer. 

Black Light Bouldering 2019

Saturday, October 26th
2019 Black Light Bouldering Competition + Party

ADULT RESULTS ←(click the link)
YOUTH RESULTS ←(click the link)


Edgeworks Members: $25 ($40 after 10/23)
Pre-Registration: $35
 ($50 after 10/23)

Pre-registration closes at 12pm, Wednesday, October 23rd
IN-PERSON day-of registration opens at 9:30am, Saturday, October 26


Since 2004, Edgeworks has been incorporating the CHALLENGE and MOTIVATION of a climbing competition with the CREATIVITY, STOKE and FUN of black lights. Our stellar team of route setters craft 55 of the best problems of the year and our creative team of staff and volunteers decorate the walls to make them glow. No matter your skill level, you can’t help but feel the EXCITEMENT when the lights go out.

From the route setting, black light tape decor, costumes and DJ; to the pre-registation swag bags, awards and raffle prizes, each year keeps getting better because we never stop looking for new or different ways to mix things up.

While you’re here, be sure to check out the VIDEO from a previous Black Light comp!←(click the link to watch).


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Competition Format: Red Point; No Finals.

Registration Includes:
BEST ROUTES of the year   Black light FUN  •  AWARDS  •  RAFFLE PRIZES (Adult & Youth)
BLACK LIGHT Tee or Tank (add’l $15, must register by Oct. 9th)  

SESSION 1:   Registration Full
• Categories*: USAC YOUTH
Check-In: 9:30am
Rules Meeting: 10:30am
Competition: 11:00am-2:00pm
SESSION 2:   Register Now!
Categories*: Adult Male/Female
Check-In: 1:30pm
Rules Meeting: 2:30pm
 Competition: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Call to be added to the waitlist for Session 1. (253) 564-4899

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
* Competitors must register for the assigned session for their category; i.e. youth in Session 1, adults in Session 2.
* Youth under 18 who wish to compete in session 2 must sign up for OPEN categories; no youth under 16 allowed to compete in the Adult session.

ADULT Categories: Female
Recreation (v0 -v2) | Intermediate (v3-v4) | Advanced (v5-v6)Open (v7+) | Masters (45+ yrs)

ADULT Categories: Male
Recreation (v0 -v3) | Intermediate (v4-v5) | Advanced (v6-v7)Open (v8+) | Masters (45+ yrs)

Instead of cash prizes, we choose to invest that money into some pretty sweet swag that everyone has a chance to win! The top 3 competitors in each ADULT category are guaranteed to walk away with a prize. Beyond that, our raffle prize system ensures that every competitor has a chance to win something too. Competitors must be present to win. Raffle prizes will be given out after the Adult Awards (approx 7pm) and will include a sweet Grand Prize drawing!

Compete dressed as your favorite super hero, celebrity or animal; or just decorate yourself in the best glow imaginable and be entered to win a fun prize in our Costume Contest.

MUSIC/DJ (all day) and FOOD TRUCKS (11am-4pm)
Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Johnny Devine and grab a bite from the Sirius Wood Fired Pizza food truck between sessions. There’s a lot going on, we want make sure you stay fueled and entertained.

Once the competition ends, everyone 21+ is invited to join us upstairs for FREE beer/ciderComp registration not required.



Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors in all Adult Categories will receive a sweet product prize from one of our event sponsors.

USAC Credit and OPEN Category: USAC Competitors CANNOT get credit for the comp if they compete in the OPEN Category. In the event that a USAC participant wants to compete for BOTH USAC credit AND prizes they must register for and climb in both sessions. Yes, that means they have to pay twice.

Climbing Time: Climbers will be allowed EXACTLY 3 hours to climb. All climbing will end at the 3 hour mark.

USAC Membership/Number: All youth competitors must have a current USAC membership or purchase a USAC Introductory Membership ($30) to compete. Memberships must be purchased online before the competition begins. Introductory Memberships can be used at multiple local events; you do not need to purchase a new one for each local event.

Waivers: When in doubt, fill one out! All competitors must have a current waiver on file and any waivers completed for last year’s comp are now expired. Click here now!



Wednesday – Friday, October 23rd – 25th:
Wall closures will begin as competition setting takes place; closed areas will include all of the bouldering walls as well as most of the top rope walls in the West Room. The top rope and lead walls in the East Room will remain open to members and customers throughout the comp!

Saturday, October 26th | Gym Hours 10am – 8pm
The entire right side of the gym will be open to competitors only (including ALL of the climbing walls in the West Room, weight area, upstairs lounge, yoga and instruction rooms). The cardio area and all climbing walls in the East Room will remain OPEN to members and customers throughout the day! All youth programs, climbing school courses and fitness classes will be cancelled. Our parking lot will be full so please plan ahead! Spectators are welcome in the competition area.

Even better news is the gym will fully reopen on Sunday, October 27th with a HUGE selection of brand new boulder problems for everyone to try!

Member Black Light Event

Sunday, October 27 | 6pm – 9pm

Member Black Light Event

Competitions not your thing but still want to experience the fun of climbing in the black lights?

Invite your friends, wear your best GLOW, and join us for an after-hours, kid-friendly, member event. As a way to say thank you to our members, we’ll turn out the lights one more time before the work begins Monday morning to return things to “normal” around here.

*Some competition routes will come down prior to the member event and the climbing area will be open to the outside side lights from the front desk and 2nd floor. To experience the full effect of the black lights, be sure to join us for the 2019 BLB Comp on Saturday, Oct 26!

Roped Climbing on the shorter walls will be closed during the event but the East Room walls will be business as usual with normal lights and access.

FREE for members! Regular day pass rates apply for guests of members.

Member Spotlight October 2019

Anna and Nick Crosby

Members since June 2019

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in the Pacific Northwest? 

Anna: Born & raised in the PNW. I grew up north of Seattle in suburb called Brier & moved to Tacoma when I met Nick. 

Nick: I am from Southern California & moved to Arizona in highschool. I came to the PNW in 2000 when I joined the ARMY & love everything about it here.

What’s the story behind your becoming a climber? How did you end up at Edgeworks? 

Anna and Nick: We both teach & practice yoga @ Expand Yoga & most of our fellow instructors are climbers & members of Edgeworks. We knew after the first time we came that we were hooked! We love that Edgeoworks is family centered and that we can bring our children.

If you had to choose between bouldering, top rope or lead climbing as the only form of climbing you could do from here on out, what would you choose and why? 

Anna: I haven’t taken the plunge into lead climbing yet- I am still working past that fear! I am hoping to dive into that soon. So i would have to say top rope! 

Nick: Lead climbing-for sure.

Tell us your favorite music as of late. Who should we be listening to? 

Nick: Old school hip hop-always is always my jam. Lately I have been into Little Dragon-check em out. 

Anna: Lately I have been listening to a lot of Alabama Shakes & James Blake.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a climber that you would teach to your younger self who’s just starting out climbing? 

Anna: Climbing is the first thing that I have done as an adult that I was completely scared of & that didn’t come naturally that I have stuck with. It has given me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone & I am learning to trust myself, my breath/body and the equipment! I would tell myself just to breath, its all good! Stick with it- you feel empowered! 

Nick: Just to go for it! Trust the process & set your feet up first lol!

Best part about Edgeworks? 

Anna and Nick: That we can bring our family! We love that we can bring our 1.5yr old & 4 yr old. Its been so cool to watch our son learn to be in his body & challenge himself. We love how welcoming the community & staff is. Bonus is that all of our best friends are members and we climb with them!

Could you tell us something about you that our community members might not know? What’s your jam outside of Edgeworks? 

Anna: I have been teaching yoga for 6 years in Tacoma & practice as often as I can! 

Nick: I retired from the ARMY after 18 years and now I am a full time student @ TCC getting ready to apply to nursing school. I also delivered our 2nd baby with the midwife over the phone!

What’s your goal for the months ahead as far as climbing and fitness go? 

Anna: I would love to take the lead climbing class and continue to move past limitations that are brought on by fear. 

Nick: Nick would like to successfully start lead climbing 5.12s and learn how to do multi-pitch routes. 

Student Membership Sale

Save $45 (or more) on your membership!

It’s “Back to School” time and we’re getting in on the action with our annual
STUDENT MEMBERSHIP SALE – September 1 – 30, 2019!

ALL STUDENTS and TEACHERS, regardless of age or full-time enrollment status, qualify for the
discounted $5 Start-Up Fee!

Here’s How It Works:

Just show us your valid Washington State Student ID and get a monthly AUTOPAY Membership with a $5 Start-Up Fee!
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Here’s What You Get: 

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• Free! FITNESS CLASSES: Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Core and more!
• 10% OFF Retail Pro Shop purchases, including a full assortment of climbing shoes and harnesses!

Monthly Rates:

• Student*: $57/month EFT
• Individual: $71/month EFT

* Student rates are available to full-time students only. Student members must show proof of enrollment annually: undergraduate (min. 12 credits); graduate (min. 9 credits)

Remember, the SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 30TH so be sure to take advantage of this deal!
We can’t wait to see you in here climbing. 

Want more info? Click here

Membership rates are based on ACH billing (direct debit to a checking account); credit cards are subject to a 2.8% convenience fee.

Member Spotlight September 2019

Julie and Mike Pinske

Members since June 2019

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in the Pacific Northwest?

Julie: I grew up in Sebastopol/Santa Rosa, California and Mike grew up in a small town named Oliver in British Columbia, Canada.  We have lived all over (including California, Canada, Hawaii, North Carolina, and in an RV). We moved to the Tacoma area so I could attend PLU’s Master of Science in Nursing program, and Mike was able to transfer and keep his job as a biomedical technician.

What’s the story behind your becoming a climber? How did you end up at Edgeworks?

Mike: We had each done a small amount of climbing over the years.  After moving here, Julie’s friend told her about Edgeworks. She came and sent me a picture of the tall walls, which excited me. We went climbing later that day and signed up the day after that.

If you had to choose between bouldering, top rope or lead climbing as the only form of climbing you could do from here on out, what would you choose and why?

Julie: We both prefer top rope climbing.  We both enjoy climbing high because it’s fun and always feels like a big accomplishment, and I appreciate the security of being roped in.  I am a very static climber and Mike has a more dynamic climbing style and we enjoy finding routes that support and challenge our climbing styles.

Tell us your favorite music as of late. Who should we be listening to?

Mike: I enjoy Tool, Rush, Le Castle Vania, and Johannes Sebastian Bach to name a few.  Julie’s taste is all over the place, but a few artists she likes are Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, and Regina Spektor.  She also not-so-secretly loves ‘90s pop and hip hop.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a climber that you would teach to your younger self who’s just starting out climbing?

Julie: I’d say: have tenacity.  If something is challenging, keep at it and try approaching it differently each time.  Mike would say just go for it- don’t worry about falling.

Best part about Edgeworks?

Mike: We both love the tall walls, the abundance of auto belay routes, the amount of bouldering, and how there is always new stuff to try.  Plus, there is the bonus of the gym equipment as well.

Could you tell us something about you that our community members might not know? What’s your jam outside of Edgeworks?

Julie: Our story of how we met was pretty cool- it was in 2013 on a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef.  Mike was working on the boat and I came on for three days as a tourist. When we’re not climbing or SCUBA diving, we enjoy playing games (board games, pc games, escape rooms, etc).  Mike is also the DM for a D&D group that has been going for a year, and I swim and play volleyball whenever possible.

What’s your goal for the months ahead as far as climbing and fitness go?

Mike:  Be a better climber, attain greater fitness.

Julie:  In the next few months, I would like to complete a 5.11 and maybe even a 5.12.  I’m also trying to overcome my fears and do a handstand.