Member Spotlight September 2019

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Julie and Mike Pinske

Members since June 2019

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in the Pacific Northwest?

Julie: I grew up in Sebastopol/Santa Rosa, California and Mike grew up in a small town named Oliver in British Columbia, Canada.  We have lived all over (including California, Canada, Hawaii, North Carolina, and in an RV). We moved to the Tacoma area so I could attend PLU’s Master of Science in Nursing program, and Mike was able to transfer and keep his job as a biomedical technician.

What’s the story behind your becoming a climber? How did you end up at Edgeworks?

Mike: We had each done a small amount of climbing over the years.  After moving here, Julie’s friend told her about Edgeworks. She came and sent me a picture of the tall walls, which excited me. We went climbing later that day and signed up the day after that.

If you had to choose between bouldering, top rope or lead climbing as the only form of climbing you could do from here on out, what would you choose and why?

Julie: We both prefer top rope climbing.  We both enjoy climbing high because it’s fun and always feels like a big accomplishment, and I appreciate the security of being roped in.  I am a very static climber and Mike has a more dynamic climbing style and we enjoy finding routes that support and challenge our climbing styles.

Tell us your favorite music as of late. Who should we be listening to?

Mike: I enjoy Tool, Rush, Le Castle Vania, and Johannes Sebastian Bach to name a few.  Julie’s taste is all over the place, but a few artists she likes are Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, and Regina Spektor.  She also not-so-secretly loves ‘90s pop and hip hop.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a climber that you would teach to your younger self who’s just starting out climbing?

Julie: I’d say: have tenacity.  If something is challenging, keep at it and try approaching it differently each time.  Mike would say just go for it- don’t worry about falling.

Best part about Edgeworks?

Mike: We both love the tall walls, the abundance of auto belay routes, the amount of bouldering, and how there is always new stuff to try.  Plus, there is the bonus of the gym equipment as well.

Could you tell us something about you that our community members might not know? What’s your jam outside of Edgeworks?

Julie: Our story of how we met was pretty cool- it was in 2013 on a dive boat on the Great Barrier Reef.  Mike was working on the boat and I came on for three days as a tourist. When we’re not climbing or SCUBA diving, we enjoy playing games (board games, pc games, escape rooms, etc).  Mike is also the DM for a D&D group that has been going for a year, and I swim and play volleyball whenever possible.

What’s your goal for the months ahead as far as climbing and fitness go?

Mike:  Be a better climber, attain greater fitness.

Julie:  In the next few months, I would like to complete a 5.11 and maybe even a 5.12.  I’m also trying to overcome my fears and do a handstand.