Member Spotlight: Sept 2016

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Dan Sherman

Member since 2014

How did you start climbing?

Dan: I first started climbing 23 years ago near Niagara Falls, Canada with some friends from college. But I stopped doing it for about 15 years until I joined Edgeworks when some one gave me a one month membership as a gift

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?

Dan: Running marathons is really my thing, but I started climbing at Edgeworks because I wanted some balance in the way I was using my body. Now I probably climb even a bit more than I run. I like the puzzle-solving aspect of it and the fact that I can just pop into the gym for a short time and get a quick workout or take an exercise class.

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Dan: I’m new to climbing outside in Washington but I really enjoyed bouldering at the Forestlands in Leavenworth last spring.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Dan: I teach environmental studies at the University of Puget Sound and I’m writing a book about environmental science and sustainability. I love teaching and learning about the way the world works and how we interact with it.

What are some interesting facts you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?

Dan: I love watching my two kids Audrey (11) and William (7) climb and enjoy the outdoors even more than I like climbing myself.

Which do you prefer: top rope, lead, or bouldering?

Dan: I like bouldering best because it gets really challenging, really fast and all I need to do it are shoes and chalk.

What’s your go-to route grade?

Dan: I like figuring out the V3s on the bouldering wall.