Member Spotlight: Jan 2018

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Stacia Glenn

Member since December 2012

How did you start climbing?

Stacia: When I moved to Washington state, I was blown away by the mountains and wanted to spend every free minute outside. A friend suggested I try rock climbing and drove me to Vantage for my first climbing session. I was hooked from my first Figure Eight.

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?

Stacia: Edgeworks is basically the heart of Tacoma for me. It’s where I go to play on ropes, sharpen my skills and conquer challenges. It’s where I meet new friends, introduce people to the thing I’m most passionate about and train for the next big thing.

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Stacia: Nothing beats Squamish for me. Though if you love sport and are looking to climb outside the PNW, I cannot recommend Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota or Ten Sleep, Wyoming enough.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Stacia: When I’m not climbing, I’m dreaming about climbing or planning a climbing trip. I also love trail running, hiking, traveling, cooking and curling up with a good book.

Which do you prefer: top rope, lead, or bouldering?

Stacia: Lead climbing, hands down.

What are some interesting facts that you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?

Stacia: I climbed to 20,000 feet only five months after I started mountaineering. I broke my tibia and fibula when I fell on a route in 2013 and now have a metal rod stretching from my left ankle to my knee. I typically eat healthy but cannot survive without 1,000 calories of chocolate daily. I moved here from San Diego and count it as the best decision in my life (Really, I don’t miss the sunshine)

What’s your go-to route grade?

Stacia: 5.11 tends to be my sweet spot, but 5.12 is what gets my heart racing. They’re all 5.Fun though!