Member Spotlight: Feb 2016

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Veronica Whetstine

Member since 2015

How did you start climbing?
Veronica: My first experience with rock climbing was when I was 13 years old. I attended a summer camp in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho called Lutherhaven and as part of their program they have a rock wall for kids to climb. I was super afraid of heights, but loved climbing so I pushed through. My love of climbing grew as I returned to camp each summer. When I got to college, I started climbing regularly at the rec center’s climbing wall and then moved to Tacoma and found Edgeworks.

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?
Veronica: I love the community at Edgeworks. It’s great to see so many people from different walks of life and different ages enjoying climbing in the same place. I enjoy talking with different people and getting to know the great staff that work here. Climbing at Edgeworks isn’t just a workout, it’s a hang out that is focused around an activity that people love to do.

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?
Veronica: I’m not much of an outdoor climber, but there is a wall that I have special memories of climbing. It’s located at Shoshone Base Camp up the north fork of the Coeur d’ Alene River. I hope that in the coming years I’ll get the opportunity to climb some of the amazing outdoor rocks of the Pacific Northwest.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?
Veronica: When I’m not climbing, I enjoy participating in other activities. I love to run and bike and swim and hike. I’m a woman on the go. I like to go out adventuring in the mountains with my friends on weekends and go camping in the summer.

What are some interesting facts you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?
Veronica: I love numbers and tracking things that other people may not care to pay attention to. For example in the month of January, I ran 60.5 miles, weight lifted 6 times, and checked in for 13 climbing sessions. Also, I really love to organize and clean spaces, the messier they start out, the better.