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Earn your peaks!

February 1 – April 30, 2016
Earn your peaks and get a FREE t-shirt with our members only 90-day challenge!


180 participants | 6,505 points | 121 t-shirts | 196 peaks
(3,541 pieces of trash!)

Challenge Met! (80+ points):

1. Riley Hume: 102 14. Josh Bennett: 85
2. Jimmy Grant: 95 15. Tod Bloxham: 85
3. Brette Hume: 93 16. Kevin Cheng: 83
4. Cecil Groetken: 91 17. Elizabeth Hume: 83
5. Samitha Hendrickson: 91 18. Karen Hume: 83
6. Jeni Margules: 91 19. Amy Leondard: 83
7. Cassie Marohl: 91 20. Veronica Whetstine: 83
8. Jordan Robinson: 89 21. Scott Everatt: 82
9. Erin Edwards: 88 22. Jennifer Wheeler: 82
10. William Hoyt: 87 23. Sage Pintler: 81
11. Abbie Madlem: 87  24. Emily Branch: 80
12. Matt Madlem: 86  25. Ben McMullen: 80
13. Braden Adame: 85


The Objective:

Use your Edgeworks membership to its fullest potential and earn points to fill in the peaks on your FREE Edgeworks Challenge t-shirt; and also have FUN!

The List:

Challenge lists can be found here or at the front desk. We’ll also provide a place for you to store your list for safe keeping and easy access when you’re here.

The Shirts:

The popularity of the challenge and participation interest has exceeded our expectations!
T-shirts will be distributed upon achievement of your first peak and based on the weekly updates of the Challenge Board in the front lobby. This is the best way for us to ensure everyone who is actively participating in the challenge (and there are many of you!) receive a well deserved free t-shirt!

Note: Feel free to wear and wash your shirt during the challenge but please don’t use an fabric softener until after your peaks have been added.

Earning/Adding Peaks:

First Peak: 25 points  |  Second Peak: 50 points  |  Third Peak: 80 points

Bring your shirts to the monthly Climbers Socials (in March, April, and May) when our staff will add the peaks to your shirt based on the points you’ve earned.


You’re responsible for tracking your progress and checking the boxes as they are complete. To entice those of us with an extra competitive spirit, staff will also check the sheets every week and update a Challenge Board in the lobby with everyone’s individual points.

Flash Challenges:

As a way for people to earn extra points, we will offer 3 monthly Flash Challenges which we will make available for only 2-weeks. Meet these challenges in full and receive extra points towards your next peak. If you have suggestions for Flash Challenge ideas, please feel free to drop a note in the suggestion box!