Crushing Tip #7

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This month’s Crushing Tip might be the HARDEST one EVER! For climbers, taking a break can be tough. We’re just so ready to push the route, ourselves, and our bodies to the next level. But remember, rest is your friend.

“Once you’ve figured out the moves on a boulder project, it’s easy to get excited and try over and over again without resting,” says Jon Manz. Inadequate rest will pretty much guarantee that you will fall off, kick your chalk bag in frustration and tell me you hate climbing.”

Fix it! Here’s what to do:

Once you’ve transitioned to redpoint burns, try resting 1 full minute for every move you made on your last attempt. Long problems might require as much as 10 minutes, while shorter problems or attempts may only require 2 or 3.

Taking a adequate breaks between burns (as well as climbing sessions) will help your body maximize it’s climbing ability.