Crushing Tip #25

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Watch more TV

by Jon Manz

If you want to be a better climber, you should probably be watching more television.  Specifically, you should be watching more videos of awesome climbers climbing awesome things.Finding the motivation to get to the gym after a long hard day can be tough, but the right climbing movie can remind anyone of what they love about the greatest sport ever invented, and I promise the right video is out there for you.

Love sport climbing?  Boom!  Watch Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma redefine hard climbing as they duke it out to establish 5.15c.
You’re more of a boulderer?  Kapow! Watch Alex Megos crush V15 in Bishop, CA.
You prefer to watch hard men and women climb scary trad?  Slam!  Watch a bunch of bizarrely cheerful Brits explore the grit stone classics in The Gritual.You try hard to keep things local?  Ziff!  Watch Jonathan Seigrist establish 5.14c at World Wall in North Bend.

The point is, if there’s an aspect of climbing that gets you excited, chances are good there’s someone out there who’s produced 234,093,820,498,234 hours of amazing video dedicated to that one thing.So go out there and find the videos that get you excited to climb, then come into the gym and have some fun!