Carbon Neutral Climbing

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Carbon Neutral Climbing, you say? No, we’re not talking about climbing outside, we’re talking about climbing at Edgeworks!  Edgeworks has chosen to take part in PSE’s Carbon Balance Program, which will offset the carbon we produce here at Edgeworks in order to keep the outdoors beautiful, healthy, and natural… so you can continue to enjoy climbing out in nature!

So how does it work?

“Carbon offsets represent the destruction or reduction of harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as fossil fuels, animal waste, landfills or industrial processes. A single carbon offset represents the reduction of an amount of greenhouse gases equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2e).

  • When you enroll in PSE’s Carbon Balance Program, PSE purchases carbon offsets on your behalf through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), one of the nation’s leading offset suppliers.
  • The carbon offsets for PSE’s Carbon Balance Program are sourced from a methane capture project at the George DeRuyter and Sons Dairy, a family farm located in Outlook, WA.

Instead of the traditional method of storing manure in outdoor storage ponds where methane is created and naturally released into the atmosphere, the DeRuyter Dairy digester captures methane, a greenhouse gas more than 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide generated naturally from the manure of dairy herds. The captured methane, which creates the carbon offsets, is then burned in an on-site generator to produce electricity outside of PSE’s service area.” -via PSE Carbon Balance Program

At Edgeworks, we want to bring you an amazing indoor climbing experience, but we also want to equip you to go out and climb anywhere in the world!  This is why we have a plethora of different courses geared towards getting you out of the gym and into the world!  But not only do we want to equip you to get out there, we want to ensure that “out there” is as natural and free of pollution as possible, not only for our generation, but for the generations of climbers yet to come!  If you’re interested in signing up your home to balance your carbon output, you can find out more here.